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Individual Therapy

Through connection and somatic experience this gentle collaborative therapeutic process may be assisted by horses, llamas, nature or art.

Issues regularly addressed in therapy include personal growth, exploring stuck places in your life, self-awareness uncovering and exploring old beliefs, patterns or behaviours, depression, anxiety, healing from trauma or PTSD.


Llama Meditation

Meditation with llamas is a completely unique experience.  In addition to the obvious joy that comes with being in the presence of a llama, the meditative practice  helps us connect in the present moment reducing stress, anxiety and depression whilst increasing emotional health.

Special events only. Keep your eye open on social media for advertised events.

Llama Walks

Research consistently shows that contact with nature, animals and exercise reduces stress, increases our well-being, decreases mental health issues such as depression and significantly increases self esteem.

Our llamas regularly show up in workshops, women's space and special events. Keep your eye open on social media for llama walking events.

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Creative Workshops

Upcoming workshop details and dates to be announced.

Support Group

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