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Animal Assisted Therapy | Individual Therapy | Sandplay Therapy and Symbol Work | Group Therapy

The Therapy Pod is a mental health service. All therapists that operate from this space are qualified mental health practitioners and members of Australian Counselling Association and Animal Therapies Ltd. 

Therapists use a multimodal approach. Animal assisted therapy, symbol work, sandplay therapy, nature therapy and expressive arts therapy may all be incorporated in session depending on the needs of the individual. 

Individual Therapy

Through connection and somatic experience this gentle collaborative therapeutic process may be assisted by horses, llamas, nature or art.

Issues regularly addressed in therapy include personal growth, exploring stuck places in your life, self-awareness uncovering and exploring old beliefs, patterns or behaviours, depression, anxiety, healing from trauma, neurodiversity, addiction and CPTSD.

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Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work

What Is Sandplay Therapy? Sandplay Therapy is a hands-on, expressive counselling and psychotherapy modality that has been in use for over eighty years.  This type of therapy offers a gentle, yet powerful, simple yet profound, creative and enjoyable way to work (especially with trauma).  With or Without Words. Sandplay & Symbol Therapy is not only effective for individuals of any age, it also is effective with couples, groups; clients who are culturally and linguistically diverse; and clients with developmental delays or disabilities.

Group Therapy

Specific groups will be advertised here. The group process can be a powerful experience. A few of the benefits of group include: 

  • Helping individuals realise that they are not alone in their struggles.

  • Facilitates support and connection from group participants in a safe environment.

  • Developing awareness of own feelings and needs and finding a voice to express them. 

  • strengthens relationships skills, reduces isolation and also is especially valuable for individuals dealing with depression, social anxiety and life transitions.

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